Amel Bent slimmer and much more comfortable in her body


Singer Amel Bent has indeed changed. The young woman is now totally relaxed about her weight! In an interview with Télé Star, Amel Bent spoke about her recent weight loss. She explains that now she no longer thinks in the same way. The number on the scale doesn’t matter to him anymore.

Amel Bent is not the same woman anymore. Indeed, the young woman has made a musical comeback that is a hit, with feats alongside Imen Es and Hatik for example.

This new style is accompanied by a refined silhouette. During an interview with Télé Star for the upcoming broadcast of The Voice where she occupies a coach chair, the singer spoke about her weight loss.

Thus, the latter had taken advantage of the first confinement to take the time to cook well. And do a little more sport, of course. It was therefore not about a “draconian diet” but about a rebalancing of the diet.

“Two years ago, I was left very thin before the holidays. And I gained ten pounds in a few weeks. So don’t tell me I’ve lost weight. It will wear me out and I will gain 15 kilos. I do the yoyo, me! “, Confided Amel Bent.


Even if she were to gain weight, the performer of Till the End would not be depressed. Indeed, Amel Bent certifies to be “good in his skin, and that is all that matters”.

Today, the young woman seems to have bigger concerns. “What thrills me in life is not a number on the scale. It’s to be with a man I love and who loves me, to have healthy children and to be fulfilled in my job, ”she explained.

Indeed, the young woman is the mother of two daughters, Sofia and Hana, and shares a passionate love with her husband, Patrick.

But this is not the first time Amel Bent has reminded us that his beliefs are more important than the number of pounds.

On Instagram, she was at war with these Internet users who commented on her weight loss. “My values ​​and beliefs cannot be counted in grams. Whether I gain or lose weight does not define me as an artist, as a woman or as a mother. Until proven otherwise, I am the only inhabitant of this body of mine. And I’m the only person who has to feel good about it. The worst part is that those who tell me that I have lost too much weight are the same who call me fat when I gain weight, “she said on the social network last October. Ouch!


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