Amel Bent shows how a PCR test works on Instagram!


In the story of her Instagram account, singer Amel Bent appears in the middle of a PCR test. She wanted to share it with her fans!

While Amel Bent is due to perform a PCR test for Covid-19, the singer films herself in action. Its video allows you to send a message!

Her private life, Amel Bent is careful not to reveal it. Indeed, the singer does not want to expose her privacy on social networks.

And for good reason, the interpreter of Until the end is keen to protect those around him. So, she filters everything she shares on her Instagram account.

On the other hand, the one who has just collaborated with singer Hatik does not hesitate to share moments of life. Whether they’re happy, sad, or … weird.

In short, Amel Bent has just added to her story with an unappealing video. In the images, we see the pretty 35-year-old brunette being tested by PCR for Covid-19.

Thus, we see the young woman tense up as the cotton swab enters her nostrils. It must be said that this test is not the most pleasant.

In any case, the artist seems to be sending a message to his subscribers. As the Covid-19 pandemic gains ground, it is important to perform this test.


Even though Amel Bent regrets that the Covid-19 pandemic is paralyzing culture, the artist is not let down.

Indeed, the one who can not occur on stage connects filming and shooting. Besides, that’s why she has to do a PCR test.

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In order to be able to work with other people, the pretty brunette needs to make sure she is not infected with the virus.

In any case, these sad times did not prevent Amel Bent from giving her all. You only have to take a look at his Instagram account to believe it. She is super active!


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