Amel Bent: Affected for the November 13, 2015 attacks!


On November 13, 2015, the terrible Bataclan attacks took place. 5 years later, singer Amel Bent is still thinking about it!

Very active on social networks, Amel Bent is used to speaking. And for the right reasons!

5 years after the Bataclan attacks therefore, Amel Bent addresses a special thought to the victims. Thus, the singer has just published an Instagram Story on which we discover the photo of a flower deposited at the foot of the establishment where that bloody night took place.

If we click on the image, we are redirected to a post from @leseclaireuses. The caption recalls: “5 years ago to the day, the Bataclan attacks left 131 dead and 586 wounded in Paris 💔 Our thoughts are with the families and relatives of the victims of the attacks of November 13, 2015”.

Amel Bent therefore seems not to forget the terror in which Paris was plunged that evening


In recent days, Amel Bent has followed a series of sensational posts! Yesterday, on the occasion of the release of Apollo magazine, of which she is part, the young woman wanted to confide in one of her biggest complexes.

Thus, on a black background in Story Instagram, she wrote: “Amel Bachir, 35 years old, 1m64 – 62 kg. Complexed by my body since I was 12 years old. November 12, 2020, 3 fashion double-pages in a magazine ”.

Then she continued: “I think back to all those years of unhappiness. Crying fits in the changing rooms. The “big dirty” in the playground. Days at the beach or swimming pool wrapped in my towel out of the way so that no one sees me in a swimsuit. Yes I hated every part of my body. And I was angry with the world for sending me back this distorted image of myself, complicit in this violence by advocating only a well-defined idea of ​​beauty! “.

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“It might not mean much. But for me it resonates very strongly in my heart, I have tears in my eyes “. A leap into the privacy of Amel Bent, who seemed to have trouble writing these words!

However, Amel Bent has much to be proud of! “I have the feeling of having won a battle that I have been fighting in silence for over 20 years and I thank @apollo_magazine for giving me this opportunity to be another face, another body type, to represent another idea beauty and fashion. I am writing this message for all the young girls who don’t feel beautiful enough for this world. You are not the problem, it is this world that does not see your beauty, at least not yet! “, She concludes.


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