AMD: Zen 4 Generation Ryzen Processors Will Have Integrated GPU


AMD: Two weeks ago, a data leak by Taiwanese electronic components maker Gigabyte revealed sensitive documents from several companies, including AMD. Through them, it was possible to see what to expect from Team Red’s new line of processors and architecture, the Zen 4. Apparently, the new models will have, by default, an integrated GPU — however, not all will have the active component.

Like Intel, it is likely that AMD will market part of its processors without an active GPU, either due to defects during the manufacturing process or material reuse. This strategy is widely used by manufacturers in order to avoid wasting functional components, but which have minor flaws: a processor manufactured as hexacore, but with only four cores working, could still be sold in another line, for example.

Similarly, AMD may also be directing these models to compete with Intel’s F-Series processors, which don’t have an integrated GPU and are sold at a more affordable price.

RDNA 2 on the way

As revealed by past rumors, in April of this year, AMD may implement its new microarchitecture for graphics cards, RDNA2, on Zen 4 processors. will be released next year.

The RDNA 2, present in the new generation of consoles and Radeon RX 6000 cards, has a 54% increase in its performance per watt compared to the predecessor line. Considering these characteristics, it is possible to assume that its implementation will mean great improvements for users dependent on integrated GPUs.


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