AMD will be the biggest customer of TSMC 7nm production line


AMD is expected to be the largest 7nm customer of the TSMC with the introduction of consoles.

GlobalFoundries’s towing to the 7nm process due to financial difficulties and the concentration of 12nm / 14nm process led AMD to turn to TSMC completely. Last year on the graphics side, this year on the processor side, the company moved to the 7nm process.

Significant jump
AMD designs its existing Navi and Zen 2 chip architectures in the standard 7nm DUV process. The flagship Navi 2x architecture and the next generation Zen 3 core architecture will move to the more efficient 7nm EUV process.

AMD’s increasing production demand has changed the balance on the TSMC side. As the second largest customer in the 7nm production process, AMD will become the largest customer in the coming months as it will increase to 110,000 plate production per month. In addition, the company’s TSMC’den 30 thousand plates as an extra demand is expressed.

TSMC doesn’t have production lines that will surely meet such demand, but Qualcomm and Nvidia have begun to shift the 7nm process to Samsung. Apple plans to produce the A14 Bionic chipset with a 5nm process this year. Only Huawei is left. In this respect, it is stated that TSMC will have 140 thousand plate capacity per month.

For now, it seems that AMD will not experience any problems on the production side. We do not yet know what will happen after Navi and Zen 3, but in 2021 the 7nm EUV production process will continue.


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