AMD RX 6700XT introduced! Here are the features


After the increasing competition between AMD and Nvidia, eyes turned to AMD’s newly introduced technologies. Taking the competition to the next level, the company introduced the RX 6700XT graphics card model. The model, whose price tag and date of sale were announced, managed to attract the attention of many users.

AMD RX 6700XT features

The model, which has RDNA 2 technology developed by AMD, comes with 12 GB GDDR6 memory. The RX 6700XT exceeds expectations in terms of performance thanks to its 40 CUs (Computing Units).

With technologies such as AMD RX 6700XT, Radeon Image Sharpening2, AMD FidelityFX1 and DirectX 12 Ultimate, AAA takes the gaming experience to the next level. In addition, the device manages to avoid frame skipping with AMD FreeSync 3.

With a value of 12.4 TFLOPS, the model has higher performance than its rival RTX 3060 Ti graphics card. At 1440p resolution, the RX 6700XT performs over 80 FPS in Assasian’s Creed Valhalla, Borderlands 3 and CoD: Black Ops – Cold War games, and 71 FPS in Cyberpun 2077 and Dirt 5.

AMD RX 6700XT gaming performance: With a clock speed of 2,321 MHz as standard, the model goes up to 2,424 MHz for gaming performance. The device, which can reach a clock speed of 2.581 MHz after overclocking, requires a minimum of 650W power supply since it consumes 230W of power.

The 6700XT model, which supports formats such as 4K H264, H265 / HEVC and AV1, provides video transmission with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4. The device supports 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz VRR in HDMI 2.1 video transmission.

The model, which has a length of 267 mm, will be available on March 18.

AMD RX 6700XT sale price

The price tag of the model, which many players are eagerly waiting for, was set at $ 479.


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