AMD RX 6000 series specifications leaked


AMD, which wants to dominate the market in the graphics card market as well as in the processor market, is preparing to introduce new models powered by RDNA 2 architecture. The technical specifications of the AMD RX 6000 series, which will be introduced on October 28, have been leaked.

AMD RX 6000 series specifications leaked

AMD has achieved a great breakthrough in the processor market, and has managed to improve its competition with Intel. The company, which wants to apply this momentum to the graphics card market, is preparing to announce its new RDNA 2 architecture cards.

Reddit user stblr shared his results by reverse engineering the MacOS operating system. The Navi 21 architecture graphics card, which is expected to be released under the name AMD RX 6900 XT, will have 80 CU (Compute Unit), 16 GB memory and 2.2 GHz processing speed. In addition, the video card Nvidia 3080 with 22.5 TFLOPs is slightly below the value of 29.8 TFLOPs.

The AMD RX 6900 XT model, which has enough features for 4K gaming, will have an advantage in pricing and memory. In the Navi 22 architecture, we see 40 CU, 2.5 GHz processing speed and 12.8 TFLOP values. Since these features have higher features than the Xbox Series X model, it is thought that there will not be any problems in the 4K gaming experience.

Among the leaked information is the Navi 23 architecture. The Navi 23 model, with only 30 CUs of information available, is thought to be under development.

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