AMD Releases 4700S Desktop Kit with Recycled Xbox Series X Parts


AMD: A desktop kit, carrying an AMD 4700S processor on board, possibly recycled from discarded Xbox Series X consoles, was officially launched on the US manufacturer’s website as “a desktop solution for home and office.” some time by some assemblers, it is the first time that AMD recognizes it as an official solution.

Although it is common for some consoles to be returned to the manufacturer, the fate of rejected parts often remains uncertain, with parts of the components being reused in new products or just modified for reuse.

In the new AMD 4700S desktop kit, the possible recycling of Microsoft consoles is evident by the complete absence of the Ryzen branding, although it is clear that the chip is an accelerated processing unit (APU), with its iGPU disabled (or rejected by defect), but with the eight 16-thread Zen 2 cores intact. The clock speed was not disclosed by the company.

How does the AMD 4700S desktop kit work?

The AMD 4700S desktop kit is an all-in-one, mixed-in solution on the small mini-ITX motherboard: processor, memory and cooling, this one controlled by an A77E hub, commonly used in embedded (embedded) platforms. As the kit doesn’t have video outputs, the motherboard should only allow a discrete graphics card.

Given that AMD will only provide drivers starting with Windows 10, this shows that the new AMD 4700S will not be compatible with previous versions of Windows, let alone Linux. As it is only listed on the website, the price has not yet been informed, but, according to Tom’s Hardware website, one of these kits was sold in a Finnish store for around US$ 317 dollars, something around R$ 1,600.


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