AMD Receives A New Patent For Hybrid Design


AMD has filed a new hybrid design patent. Intel will switch to hybrid design with the Alder Lake series. AMD had no such plans. However, AMD has filed a new hybrid design patent.

Losing the dominance in the processor market to AMD, Intel is working on a new design. Working on a hybrid design that emerges by using large and small cores together, Intel will switch to this technology with the Alder Lake series. Rival AMD, on the other hand, did not have such a plan until now. It looks like AMD has been working on a new hybrid design patent for a long time.

Hybrid technology combines performance and efficiency cores. Thus, both performance and power saving rate increase.

AMD patents hybrid design for Ryzen 8000 series

The hybrid design is better known as big.LITTLE. Based on ARM technology, this design is now called DynamIQ. Although this technology is quite common in mobile processors, it was not preferred in desktop processors. The main reason for this is that desktop processors are performance-oriented rather than power-saving. However, Intel will bring this technology to desktop processors with the Alder Lake series.

The hybrid design patent received by AMD is more about the transfer of tasks. The biggest engineering challenge facing hybrid design is task allocation. AMD, which received a new patent on what task different types of cores will take, wants to make the communication between large and small cores more effective.

The patent forwards incoming transactions to different cores according to certain criteria. Thus, user-initiated processes are shared between large and small cores.

CEO Lisa Su has previously stated that they are not considering hybrid design. However, AMD applied for this patent in 2019. This shows that the American manufacturer has been considering hybrid design for a long time.


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