AMD Radeon RX 5300 announced for games at 1080P


AMD has been conquering the market by offering powerful but relatively inexpensive alternatives when compared to competitor offerings. The Ryzen line has been proof of that, something reinforced with the recent launch of the third generation desktop review, with the company trying to make the same impact on the GPU market.

The arrival of the RX 5000 line and the RX 5700 and 5700XT models, followed by the announcement of the RX 5500XT, meant that AMD was able to gain more space, showing cost-effectiveness superior to cards of similar level and sometimes even lower than Nvidia, especially in the entry and intermediate segments.

Now, the newest launch of the red team intends to further shake the market, being an excellent option for those who want to play without spending a lot. In silence, the company brought the Radeon RX 5300 to the market, equipped with the same Navi 14 chip present in the RX 5500XT, but with adaptations.

The novelty brings the same 1,408 cores as the more powerful sister, but reduces clocks for games from 1,717MHz to 1,448MHz and boost from 1,845MHz to 1,645MHz. The memory has also been modified, offering only 3GB of 96-bit VRD GDDR6, compared to the 5500XT’s 4GB GDDR6 128-bit, resulting in a bandwidth reduction from 224 GB / s to 168 GB / s. With more modest specifications, the RX 5300 also ends up being more efficient, featuring a TDP of 100W.

In summary, although simpler, the new card still proves to be an interesting option for games in Full HD, with AMD itself positioning its solution that way. The manufacturer released performance comparisons with the GeForce GTX 1650, showing results between 18.6% and a respectable 56.8% higher.

The price of the Radeon RX 5300 has not yet been revealed, but rumors point to values ​​around US $ 130, or around R $ 712, reaching the market with a lower price than its direct rival, announced at US $ 149 (~ R $ 816 ). It is not yet known whether the novelty will reach Brazil.


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