AMD May Skip CPU Launch and Make Way for Intel; Understand

AMD: Rumors indicate that AMD may not update its line of desktop processors in 2021 and only bring Ryzen 6000 in 2022. According to RedGamingTech, a YouTube channel known for leaks, company sources say Zen 3+ (codename ‘ Warhol ‘) has disappeared from the company’s latest project schedule and that it could skip the launch of these new CPUs in the fourth quarter. Still, he stresses that he is skeptical about the information.

‘Warhol’ would be an update to Zen 3 (Ryzen 5000) and little is said about it internally, said other sources, who would not be surprised by AMD’s decision to go straight to Zen 4. Among the reasons would be a discreet enhancement of performance (3% to 10%, or about 5% to 7% on average, with a relatively modest increase in clock speed), the continuing shortage of chips due to the pandemic and the current challenges to obtaining technologies already on the market , reasons that would be insufficient to justify the implementation.

Considering the scenario, highlights TechRadar, and the low stock of Ryzen 5000, news can frustrate players due to supply problems. Therefore, betting on a new architecture, which has a big gain in IPC (instructions per clock) and brings DDR5 system memory support and other benefits, would make a lot more sense, since it would prevent the public from deciding to leave a product aside for ” little “you would receive at this time.

In any case, the movement would guarantee an expressive space for Intel, since it will make available in September 2021 an unprecedented CPU and will present the biggest change seen in years of its trajectory.

Free way?

In addition to moving to 10 nm, Intel’s 12th generation processors, Alder Lake, will carry an architecture similar to the competitor’s big.LITTLE, combining different cores for low power consumption and high performance. Therefore, it is not known how much this can hinder AMD’s future, if it really decides to follow the aforementioned plans.

In addition, it should be noted that nothing related to Zen 3+ has been confirmed. So, we will have to wait for the next few months to know what, in fact, will happen.



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