AMD Introduces RX 6000 Family


AMD introduced the new RDNA 2 graphics card family RX 6000. Among the introduced cards, the RX 6900 XT was the most powerful and expensive card. The card will be available for $ 999.

Competing in the graphics card market for many years with NVIDIA, AMD introduced the RX 6000 graphics card series. Even though we see that AMD has rooted Intel with the Ryzen series that it has introduced to the processor market in recent years, it seemed that Nvidia still had things in the graphics card market. With the company’s new cards, AMD said “I am here” in front of Nvidia.

AMD, which also produces GPUs in the Xbox Series X and PS5, brought the RDNA 2 architecture used in these consoles to the PC with the RX 6000 series.

A major competitor to NVIDIA RTX 3090: RX 6900 XT

For many years, AMD would hand over the “highest performance” graphics card to Nvidia. This year, it looks like it will not be easy. The company seems to dominate the market with the Radeon RX 6900 XT, which can rival the RTX 3090. The 80 CU card, according to estimates, contains 5120 shaders and can go up to 2250 MHz from 2015 MHz. The card with 16 GB capacity 256-bit GDDR6 memory does all this with 300 watts of energy consumption. The biggest reason for this low value is the efficiency rate of RDNA 2 architecture cards. The GPU’s rival on the Nvidia front, the RTX 3090, has a wattage of 350.

The card, which comes with 128 MB Infinity Cache, manages to gain a significant advantage with this feature, although it is below the RTX 3090 in some respects. The price of the card was announced as 999 dollars.

Another monster of AMD: RX 6800 XT

In the news we made today, we briefly mentioned the RX 6800 XT. If we look at the features, the card that comes with 72 CU already contains many features we see in the RX 6900 XT. Like its big brother, the card, which can run at 2015 MHz and can go up to 2250 MHz with boost, has 16 GB GDDR6 memory. Likewise, the only way this monster, which comes with 128 MB Infinity Cache, is missing from its brother is the number of Compute Units.

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In general, this card, which opposes Nvidia’s RTX 3080, manages to beat its rival in many games. Moreover, it does this with 300 watts, which is a lower wattage than its competitor. The card will be available for $ 649, compared to the $ 699 price of its rival RTX 3080.

The card that will be popular in our country with its price: RX 6800

Although the other two cards have very nice features, they can burn pockets in our country in terms of price. AMD’s last card is a device that we can call a little more “price-performance” compared to the other two cards. For this reason, the Radeon RX 6800, which we expect to be very popular in our country, has 60 CU. Even in this way, the GPU, which can provide 13.9 TFLOPS performance, can run at 1815 MHz, while it can see 2105 MHz with boost. As with other cards, the device with 16 GB GDDR6 memory has 128 GB Infinity Cache.

The RX 6800, with a 250-watt TBP, has taken the RTX 2080 Ti as its rival. According to this card, this RDNA 2 architecture card, which can make a remarkable difference in 4K gaming performance, has a price tag of $ 579. The “price – performance” graphics card will unfortunately not be able to decorate many systems in our country under today’s conditions. So what do you think about these three graphics cards? Do you think AMD came out with solid products this time against its GPU competitor Nvidia? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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