AMD 21.1.1 Adrenaline driver with Quake II RTX support


AMD started making available on Thursday (21) its new driver update – the first this year. AMD 21.1.1 Adrenalin is now available for download and the main changes of the new version are the official support for two new games: Hitman 3 – for which we already have our verdict – and Quake II RTX.

With this new version of the driver, the two games added to the compatibility list gain improvements in their gameplay. According to AMD, Hitman 3 players will be able to enjoy up to a 10% gain in performance compared to the previous version, AMD 20.12.1. In order to reach this number, tests were carried out with the 16GB RX 6800 XT video card and Ryzen 9 5900X processor.

As for the Quake II RTX, AMD did not reveal performance numbers, but with the new version of the driver, owners of the company’s video cards will be able to have a smoother gaming experience, also with support for Ray Tracing.

In addition to the added support for both games, the new driver version from AMD also fixes several flaws in the previous version. Likewise, some bugs are also known for AMD 21.1.1. To check the complete changelog of corrections and also what are the new flaws, access this link (in English).

The download of the new version of the Driver can also be done through the same link or, if you prefer, you can also perform the optional update directly by AMD’s Radeon Software application for Windows.


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