AMC’s Reasons for Splitting Latest Delivery Into 2 Parts


Better Call Saul, the AMC network’s criminal and legal action drama, will deliver to fans the long-awaited sixth and final season of the series, the latest episodes of which have been in production since last March. Since November, the team has not released a new update, but a release date is estimated no later than mid-2022.

Better Call Saul fans have not received new episodes since 2022, and therefore it makes sense the state of anxiety that keeps them wanting to know what the fate of their favorite characters will be. Let us remember that a high-caliber war is coming, due to the way the fifth installment ended, with Lalo Salamanca about to find out who had him killed.

Better Call Saul season 6 will be the last. According to Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul Goodman, the series’ next episodes will be totally explosive and will mark the fate of all its characters, including Kim Wexler, whose absence from Breaking Bad is a source of intrigue for the millions of fans who have been. kept hooked on crime drama since it premiered on AMC.

The truth is that Better Call Saul fans want to find out through a single batch of episodes, what will be happening in this final installment. However, rumors indicate that this will not happen in such a way, since season 6, which will consist of a total of thirteen episodes, could appear divided into two parts.

Better Call Saul fans will likely get the first six or seven episodes in one snippet and then the remaining ones in the future; However, how long the break in transmission takes between one batch and another is strictly up to the AMC network, regardless of the despair of the fans, who have waited for a long time.

This is surely frustrating for most Better Call Saul fans, but logistically splitting season 6 of the crime drama into two parts has a reason for being. First, as Cartermatt puts it, AMC wants recognition and press: the longer they can keep the show in the headlines, the better it will be for them, and this has to do directly with the awards show.

Let’s remember that Better Call Saul has earned the love of fans over the years, but not always the big prizes. Given that the eligibility deadline is June 1, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the first half of season 6 airs before and the second half after. That allows them to be eligible for different years, and AMC has used this strategy before, with both the Breaking Bad ending and Mad Men.