AMC Movie Theater Chain Starts Accepting Payments With Dogecoin


Dogecoin: In recent months, Dogecoin has regained attention around the world. Despite the project’s lack of real value, cryptocurrency has increasingly become a sensation. Now, the asset will be one of the currencies accepted in AMC theaters in the United States.

A few weeks ago, the CEO of AMC cinemas, Adam Aron, published a poll on his Twitter profile aimed at finding out the audience’s interest in paying for cinema with Dogecoin — and of course they do: over 60% of attendees approved the idea.

Cinema paid with dog caramel Dogecoin?

This week, Adam announced about the poll and that the movie theater chain will soon be accepting Dogecoin payments via BitPay Wallet. The currency will not be accepted directly at cinema box offices: customers will be able to buy gift cards of up to US$ 200, around R$ 1,100 at the current rate — the card can be spent both at the box office and at the space’s bomboniere.


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