Ambiguous “space guests” in the cosmonaut’s video


One of the crew members currently on the International Space Station is Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner. The cosmonaut was recently filming the Earth from the International Space Station. What he wanted to capture in the fast-motion video were the beautiful northern lights visible from the station.

But he caught something else in the video, which he called “space guests”. In the first part of the video, you can briefly see five very bright lights appearing and disappearing rapidly on the horizon. These lights, arranged in an almost straight line, are said to belong to a few of the Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX on August 18.

While the lights are certainly similar to other images we’ve seen on Starlink satellites, they are still unidentified at the moment. Vagner wondered if these were meteorites or satellites, but probably the second option is valid. Cosmonaut told Roscosmos with space agency officials to retweet the video, describing the video as interesting and mysterious.

Roscosmos Spokesperson Vladimir Ustimenko made a statement that it is too early to draw conclusions until researchers and scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have said what they think. We will certainly wait for the official answer, but let’s not go without mentioning that SpaceX is heavily criticized for contaminating images from Earth-centric telescopes due to the brightness of its satellites.

We bet SpaceX will start receiving criticism again for its extremely bright satellites causing problems with video and images from the ISS. The company is testing various methods to reduce the brightness of its satellites, but it is still unclear whether their initiatives are working.


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