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In the new fan art “Black Panther: Namor the submariner from Wakanda Forever” intersects with underwater analogues Aquaman, King Shark and Depth. First created in 1939 by Bill Everett for Marvel Comics’ predecessor, Timely Comics, Namor was one of Timely’s most popular characters along with Captain America. Namor, considered the first Marvel mutant, is the son of a long-distance sailing captain and an Atlantis princess who possesses a number of abilities due to both her unique heritage and mutant abilities.

After several months of attempts by Marvel Studios to hide the inclusion of the character in the sequel to “Black Panther”, it finally became known that Namor will appear in the film, played by Narco: Mexican Tenoch Huerta. However, Namor from Black Panther 2, instead of the king of Atlantis, will be portrayed as the ruler of Talokan, a kingdom associated with ancient Aztec mythology. Even Namor’s costume, shown in the recently released first trailer of the film, teases a look directly related to Mesoamerican culture. It’s likely that the impetus for many of these changes is an attempt to help distinguish the character from the DC superhero Jason Momoa Aquaman.

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Now the fan artist rahalarts.eth has taken on the task of presenting an underwater super team that includes Namor, Aquaman Momoa, King Shark from Suicide Squad and Deep from Amazon’s Boys. The image shows an aquatic foursome posing in shark-infested waters. Check out the original post below:

I was waiting for Namor, now the team is complete. #namor #aquaman #kingshark #thedeep

— rahalarts.eth (@rahalarts) July 28, 2022

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While many fans will be quick to point out the similarities between Namor from the MCU and Aquaman from the DCEU (and Deep, who was created as a parody of both characters), the DC character is probably the more famous of the two underwater characters. monarchs. Not only did Aquaman manage to first secure his own appearance in a live action movie, his character played a much bigger role in more modern comics than Namor. Surprisingly, however, Namor was the first to rule Atlantis, having been created three years before his DC counterpart. Meanwhile, Nanaue, or the Shark King, didn’t make his comic book debut until the 1990s.

However, it seems that Marvel Studios intend to steer the character in a new direction for his MCU debut. Not only have Ryan Coogler and the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever creative team swapped Atlantis for Talokan, many expect Namor to play the villain in a movie in which the kingdoms of Wakanda and Talokan are at war with one another. While viewers still have a few months to see Namor on the big screen, fan art like this will continue to tease his imminent appearance in the ever-evolving Marvel cinematic universe.


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