Ambev buys 1,000 electric vehicles


The Brazilian beverage company Ambev is expanding its sustainability project with a partnership with the National Mobility Factory (FNM), with the order of 1,000 trucks and vans that run via electricity.

The FNM 833 model trucks will initially be tested in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, at Agradel factories. Then, they will be used on traditional product delivery routes in Rio de Janeiro. They have a range of 700 km, and recharging takes up to four hours, using connections installed at distribution centers.

FNM also closed a technical cooperation partnership with Agrale to carry out the delivery, scheduled for the end of 2023.

The electric vehicle also has anti-collision safety systems, integrated cameras and sensors that indicate the route in real time to the customer.

Currently, Ambev has a fleet of 5,300 vehicles. Of this total, the goal is to transform half into electric vehicles, and the action should already reduce the company’s carbon emission by 25% by 2025. Apart from the contract with FNM, Ambev has already closed a purchase intention agreement for 1 , 6 thousand units of electric vehicles from Volkswagen Caminhões.


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