Amber Heard’s photo of the mosque became an event


Heard was criticized for not wearing a bra and using the hijab only as an accessory during his visit to the historical mosque.

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, 34-year-old actress Amber Heard, went on vacation after the court hearings in London.

Heard came to Turkey after he turned his holiday in Bodrum route to Istanbul. The beautiful actress, who shared her photos of her Istanbul trip on her social media account, also visited the city’s famous mosques.

Sharing on his social media account, Heard stated in his post that he spent the day in pursuit of the magic of Istanbul mosques.


Heard was attacked on social media for allegedly not wearing a bra and being disrespectful while visiting the mosque.

However, Amber stated that she was angry with the writers of the article and stated that she visited the mosque in accordance with the rules of religious buildings. “Mosques are places to be respected. So are museums and churches. Where necessary, it is necessary to wear a headscarf. There has never been any disrespect. ” said.

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