Amber Heard Sells House Due to Reports that She doesn’t have the Money to Pay off Johnny Depp


The battle of libel lawsuits between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was considered in Depp’s favor, and quite significantly. Although the battle is not over yet, in its current form, Heard owes Depp more than $8 million, and there are some questions as to whether she will be able to pay. However, it seems Hurd has just made a significant amount of money by selling a house she owns for more than $1 million.

TMZ reports that a Yucca Valley property in Southern California was recently sold for $1,050,000 and that it was previously owned by Amber Heard. The exact ownership of the property was unclear, it was acquired by the trust back in 2019. However, TMZ was able to confirm through the new owners that Heard was the owner, although they never dealt with the actress directly.

The property was bought for $570,000 back in 2019, which means Amber Heard has just made a solid profit, in addition to simply releasing the money that was in the house. It is certainly interesting to see how the property is sold immediately after the verdict. It is unclear whether Amber Heard has the money to pay for the verdict against her, and this may be an attempt to find that money.

It is also possible that, although this was done in order to free up money associated with the trial period, it happened for a slightly different reason. Amber Heard has filed an appeal against the verdict, which means she will probably have to pay her lawyers while the appeal goes through the judicial system. In the end, if the appeal even reduces the amount of the award awarded to Johnny Depp, the money will not be spent in vain.

There is, of course, a third option, which is that the sale of the house is not directly related to litigation. Of course, this may still be relevant. If Amber Heard is eventually obligated to pay a large sum of money to Johnny Depp, the money she just earned from the sale of this property will probably be relevant to the court. Even if the verdict forces Hurd to declare bankruptcy, he will not protect her.

The jury found both sides guilty of demanding the other, but the verdict awarded Depp significantly more. Depp was initially awarded $15 million in compensation, although Virginia law reduced that amount to just over $10 million. Hurd was awarded only $2 million in damages, leaving Hurd currently owed about $8 million.

Considering how long it took for the defamation case to be heard in court, it may take some time before the appeal is considered and a decision is made. The big questions about money will certainly be put on hold until a decision is made on the appeal. At this point, all sorts of new issues may arise that will need to be resolved.


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