Amber Heard Makes Big Changes to Her Legal Strategy After Losing Johnny Depp Trial


It’s been a while since Amber Heard was sentenced in her libel suit with Johnny Depp. As Heard and her legal team tried to appeal the verdict, the world continues to talk about the ongoing legal disputes between the separated couple. Now a new development will keep these conversations pleasant and fresh as Amber Heard makes big changes to her legal team in the hope of a new strategy.

The news broke through a TMZ report that the deck is being shuffled in Amber Heard’s submission, and chief advisor Elaine Bredehof is leaving the team. No reason was given, but it doesn’t seem like a bitter split, as Bredehof described the moment as “passing the baton” in the initial report. Heard’s legal team was joined by lawyers David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown, and Ben Rottenborn retained his place on the register after the previous trial.

Axelrod and Brown are certainly getting down to business in their views on the appeal. This was evident thanks to the following statement the couple made after joining Hurd’s team:

We welcome the opportunity to represent Ms. Hurd in this appeal, as this case has important implications for every America under the First Amendment.

Since Johnny Depp is filing his own appeal, one might think that he will stay with the team that helped him come to a favorable verdict at the moment. Although no one can guess whether he will change the team at the moment, since this ongoing story between Depp and Hurd has always been unpredictable.

That’s not all…


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