Amber Heard laughing at Johnny Depp and his fans?


2020 was very mobilizing for Johnny Depp and Ambre heard , for the advancement of legal dispute which will be determined in this month of January. The cross-charges of domestic violence resulted in two libel lawsuits and millions of dollars in between. Both claim to have concrete evidence of the attacks and must present it, where the judge will immediately dictate who was the victim in the relationship.

Who remained with the majority of popular support was the actor, since They Think Heard is the One Who Lies , and they have already shown their unease with her by boycotting a YouTube video of hers and the ratings of her new series , ” The Stand ”. In addition, these fans organized themselves to show their affection for Depp when they decided to buy a perfume from the brand that sponsored him, to support him financially.

It is clear that the one who has lost the most in recent times was the former star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, since this franchise announced that it would no longer have it in its future projects and He was fired from the saga. of “fantastic Beasts” from Warner Bros . This situation has sparked more discussion, as the actress continues to be with the company, although there have been plans to fire her, although at the moment this has not been made official.


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A new chapter between Amber and Johnny fans looms after a recent interview with The Hindu , where she said, “What I seem really good at is getting audiences to believe in the character of the mean woman! [risas] “ . The medium clarifies that there were laughs after his words, and it caused fans of the actor to speak out against him on social media, once again, believing he was making fun of the situation. in which her ex-husband is. .

Asked by Heard , What Johnny Depp couldn’t cancel, this is a smear campaign, which she says sparked attacks on social media and forced her to delete comments on Instagram . The trial will take place between January 11 and 28 , where the judge will hand down the final sentence, although they believe the climate is not favorable for the actor .


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