Amber Heard is trying to appeal the verdict of defamation against Johnny Depp, but there is another reason why she may owe millions


Amber Heard could look at a large bill.

Although the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ended in June, a lot of things happened after that. According to the verdict, Heard was found guilty on three counts of defamation and now has to pay Depp $ 10 million. Since then, much has been said about whether the actress can afford to pay such money. She eventually filed an appeal, but amid this new phase of the trial, it looks like she may be owed even more money related to her legal representation.

Amber Heard has sought significant legal help over the past few years in connection with Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit. It is reported that she changed the legal team three times in the run-up to the televised trial. And, according to Park’s report, it could cost her a serious amount of money. The news agency reports that Hurd can expect legal costs of $ 15 million. This amount also includes the expenses she spent on the new legal team she brought in for her recent appeal.

Of course, it is obvious here that this stated amount exceeds what the Aquaman actress owes her ex-husband as a result of the actual sentence. This won’t be the first time the growing star’s account has been in the spotlight. Back in July, The New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed a lawsuit against her. The organization insured her from 2018 to 2019 and, reportedly, during this time insured her with an insurance policy in the amount of $ 1 million. The company eventually sued, trying to free itself from paying for its defense in a defamation case.

As Pak mentions, in 2021, the New York Marine and General Insurance company was sued by the commercial insurance company Travelers, which also insured Amber Heard. The travelers filed a lawsuit to get a refund of half of the money they paid for Hurd’s defense, as they had problems with the quality of the lawyers that New York Marine appointed Hurd. Travelers believe that she should have been able to choose her lawyers. So far, 100,000 legal documents have reportedly been collected for possible litigation between the two organizations. Meanwhile, Hurd has reportedly hired another lawyer trying to sort out the insurance situation.

It is also worth noting that Travelers Commercial Insurance has not sued the star at the moment. However, if the Drive Angry graduate loses the appeal, the company (which has a liability limit of $500,000) will not be required to cover her expenses.

Shortly after the verdict on defamation, then-lawyer Amber Heard said she could not pay the money. Although many people paid attention to it around the same time when Hurd was seen boarding a private plane. It was said that if she could not pay, Johnny Depp could take concrete steps to enforce the decision.

At the moment, Amber Heard is still in the process of finding her appeal. Hurd also recently sold a Southern California property for a total of $1,050,000. It should be said that it is unclear whether she sold the house for the sole purpose of getting cash to pay her fees. But this newly acquired money may prove invaluable if she still has to pay these millions of dollars.


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