Amber Heard goes by a different name in Majorca


Amber Heard (36 years old) is probably looking for protection on a Spanish island. The actress had a hard time: her ex Johnny Depp (59) dragged the blonde to court and sued her for libel. In the end, the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean won the case, and Amber’s reputation was undermined. She had to endure a lot of hatred. Now she seems to be seeking refuge elsewhere.

Several Spanish media unanimously report that the actress is hiding in Majorca with her daughter Una Page and friend Bianca Butti. It is reported that under an assumed name, she rented a house in the rural town of Costic in the center of Majorca, known for the nearby observatory. Judging by the picture, she probably uses the name Martha Jane Cannari to protect her anonymity.

Her ex Johnny seems to be looking ahead too. They say he’s dating lawyer Joelle Rich. She was part of his legal team in the trial of his ex Amber. However, currently the lawyer is still married. So far, the two have not commented on the rumors.


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