Amber Heard could star in a Mera movie


According to various rumors, Warner Bros will not only not fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 but also has a solo movie planned for her.

The scandal that Amber Heard experienced in the last two years due to her legal confrontation with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, caused her to have many haters on social networks. However, despite the signature meeting against him and the hateful messages, the actress will continue with her character of Mera in Aquaman 2. The actor cannot say the same, since he was fired from Fantastic Beasts 3. Now, According to new rumors, it seems that Warner Bros wants a solo movie about Mera starring the actress.

The truth is that Amber Heard was one of the most attractive elements of Aquaman, so it would not be so far-fetched for her to star in a solo movie. Also, we all know that this film was a huge box office success that managed to be crowned as the highest grossing in the history of DC Comics, obtaining US $ 1,148.4 million worldwide. For this reason, Aquaman 2 is on the way and there is even the possibility of getting to see a Mera film.

It will come true?

Geekosity sources revealed that Warner Bros does not care about the hatred of Amber Heard or the campaigns against Aquaman 2. Recall that the video where Ezra Miller now a woman was completely ignored, and he continues with the leading role of The Flash. Therefore, it is not surprising that the same thing happens with Amber Heard.

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