Amber Heard could discuss the role of Sue Storm.


The last few weeks have been very active for the former couple consisting of Amber Heard (Aquaman – 73%, Justice League – 41%, London Fields – 0%) and Johnny Depp (Mortdecai – 12%, In the Forest – 76% , Pirates of the Caribbean – 67%), because after the latter lost the lawsuit for the defamation lawsuit that he filed against the British newspaper The Sun, which accused him of being a ‘wife beater’, many things have happened to both actors.

On the one hand, after the judge decided that Depp had been a hitter, the actor was forced to give up on the upcoming Fantastic Animals film, in which he plays the villain Grindelwald. While Heard did not receive any sanction from the study, despite the evidence that indicated that he had also committed violence against the actor.

Now it seems that Heard is interested in landing another major role in a superhero movie, as new rumors claim that the actress has been in talks with Kevin Feige to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Sue Storm, in the next reboot of Fantastic 4 – 9%.

Despite the above, things will not be easy for the actress, because in recent days, Depp’s fans have demonstrated on different platforms to demand that she be fired from Aquaman 2, because during the trial that The Sun won, evidence was presented which showed that Heard had hit Depp and previously harmed other ex-partners.

In this way, after the resolution of the trial and because Warner Bros. decided to remove Depp from the Fantastic Animals franchise, a petition on asking for Heard’s departure from the next Aquaman film it exceeded one million signatures and the pressure on social networks continues. There has even been talk of boycotting the DC tape.

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Now, there is still a trial between the former couple and the future of both could change depending on the resolution of this. The complaint is also for defamation, but now it is Depp directly accusing the actress and the trial will be made in the United States. If Depp were to win, her future job opportunities could increase and this would ruin Heard in the roles she still has. If the opposite happens, the actor could continue to lose important roles. Although at this point the actress has more to lose.


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