Amber Heard and Johnny Depp almost broke up, but an alleged drunken tirade put an end to these plans


One of the main stumbling blocks in all the disputes between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in recent years goes back to their divorce and the money that Heard allegedly sent to charity after the divorce. In addition to writing an article in the Washington Post, which now has a long editor’s note after the verdict, the actress said that she gives the proceeds from the divorce to charity. One of the stumbling blocks during the trial was that most of this money was never donated, but if things had gone differently, the agreement might not have allowed the money to become the main stumbling block at all.

Since the term “after marriage” has been used repeatedly, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard hired a lawyer to work out an estate agreement after they got married in February 2015. However, during the defamation trial, it turned out that the hired lawyer quit before the conclusion of the contract. She sided with Ms. Heard during the trial and told how a drunken tirade allegedly put an end to these plans.

During the trial on television, lawyer Michelle Mulroney, who previously represented Amber Heard, said that Depp and his lawyers had “one phone conversation” with the Pirates actor present, where he “slurred” his words. She claimed that on the podium during the defamation trial, the actor looked drunk. In addition, she was asked to explain what she heard during the conversation, noting,

I remember that he was very angry, he called me names and fired me on behalf of Amber… Well, my only accurate memory is that he called me a “bitch.”

The call worsened after 2 or 3 minutes, and Michelle Mulroney said it “shook her up”. The end result? The lawyer did not draft a post-nuptial agreement, which eventually came to a head later after Heard claimed that Depp cut off part of his finger because he was angry about the potential loss of money. For her part, a huge part of Depp’s team’s defense was related to Ms. Heard’s statement that she would donate the money she earned in the divorce process, which records show was never donated.

Mulroney also said during the trial that Depp couldn’t actually fire her as Heard’s client, although she mentioned that he was in the dock; despite this, the fact is that she didn’t fulfill the requested agreement. This led to the fact that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lived their marriage without a monetary agreement. When they split up, it started a chain of events that contributed to where we are today.

The two stars are currently in the process of appeal after they both sued each other for defamation in the US state of Virginia. While Depp got the lion’s share of the verdict, Heard’s team won a smaller victory and stated at the time that many of their evidence was hidden by another team. Since then, we’ve seen many of these pieces of evidence come to light, including evidence of “erectile dysfunction” and other unseen pages in the Depp and Heard libel lawsuit.

Amber Heard received new representation during this appeal process, and lead attorney Elaine Bredehoft left her “team”. It is unclear when the next steps will be taken, but it seems that this situation is far from resolved.


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