Amber Beckford’s Age, Work and Instagram on Love Island, UK, 2022


“Love Island: Great Britain” returns in season 8, and the actors already have fans, especially Amber Beckford. Amber, also known as Bambi, is tired of London men and hopes to connect with the right guy at the villa this summer. She’s looking for a king who will treat her like a queen, but the cash prize won’t be so bad either.

The host of the 8th season of “Love Island” in the UK is Ian Stirling, and he promises to be the hottest release. The Islanders are already in trouble. Instead of choosing who they want to be paired with, the public has created couples. Amber was matched with microbiologist Dami Hope.

Now it’s time to take a look at the woman with the self-proclaimed “vibrations of the protagonist”. In addition to beauty, Amber is an interesting person with a lot of beliefs and a great sense of humor. She definitely stands out among the actors.

Amber Beckford’s age

Amber is 24 years old. She was born on May 29, which makes her Twins. Gemini is curious, intelligent and sociable. These traits will help her navigate the ever-changing dynamics of relationships in the series. However, Gemini is prone to indecision, which can affect her decision-making in the series. At 24, Amber is one of the oldest women this season. Fortunately for her, she can avoid the drama of the age difference that has already occurred this season.

The work of Amber Beckford

Amber works as a nanny in London, England. In her promo (according to the Love Island YouTube channel), Amber states that “during the week I’m mostly a mother, and at the weekend I’m a wild child.” In a season full of actresses, rugby players and horsemen, Amber’s job is relatively average. However, what she does for a living may prove useful, as it may give her enough patience to deal with all the drama in the villa. Amber loves to live and work in London and often posts photos of her evenings in between babysitting.

Amber is very active on Instagram, she has 58.4 thousand followers. She will probably have a lot more subscribers soon, because this season of “Love Island: Great Britain” has the highest rating since 2019. Amber’s feed is full of selfies, evening adventures and travel. Amber is an activist who talks about some of her trips, including trips to Cannes, Punta Cana and Dubai. Her Twitter is not as popular as Instagram; she has less than 1,000 followers. Her TikTok is growing and she has started posting videos about her stay on Love island.