Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” Reviews are Finally Here, find out what critics are saying about the fantasy series


Following the six “Lord of the Rings” films (including the “Hobbit” trilogy) that have been released in theaters for 15 years, the world of J.R.R. Tolkien appears on the small screen for the first time with the incredibly expensive Amazon Prime Video series “Rings of Power”. The premiere of the first two episodes is scheduled for Thursday, so the first reviews of the new series have already been published. The reaction is mostly positive, but it looks like it could also cause controversy among viewers in general.

We will start with a big criticism of the “Rings of Power”, which will be revealed every week after the premiere, consisting of two parts. CNN’s Brian Lowry found that the spectacle in the series doesn’t match the story being told. According to him:

Amazon has justified its money in terms of production, but not storytelling, with a beautiful prequel that can make all but the most dedicated Hobbits miss more than Lord.

Darren Frenich of Entertainment Weekly also didn’t like the series of events. In his review, where he has so far given the series a C-, he said that although viewers “greedy for Middle-earth” would probably be satisfied, he felt that “Rings of Power” was doing everything wrong. His review stated the following:

This series is a special catastrophe of destroyed potential, sacrificing the limitless possibilities of the glorious universe on the altar of the experienced despair of the blockbuster.

Despite some negative reviews, the first reviews of The Lord of the Rings series as a whole caused much more positive emotions. The creator of “Sandman” Neil Gaiman also saw it and shared a lot of “enthusiasm” about the continuation of the series every week. Rebecca Nicholson of the Guardian called the series “magnificent” and “extraordinary” and compared it to the recent fantasy prequel “Game of Thrones”. Here is her opinion:

It’s so cinematic and grandiose that the Dragon House looks like it was assembled in Minecraft.

Fantasy fans are eating right now! IGN’s Alex Steadman also watched the first two episodes and found it to be a “strong start” for a return to Middle-earth. She shared that if the first episode becomes overwhelming, the second one can better sell “Rings of Power” to fans, saying the following:

While the first episode is too drawn out by the exposition, the second can more naturally build characters and their relationships, setting in motion several intriguing storylines and a decent amount of action. Despite all this, it is always well played by an acting ensemble, superbly shot and produced, with camerawork, effects, costumes and original music that can rival the biggest high-budget films.

Joelle Monique from The Wrap was also impressed with the offer for those with an Amazon Prime subscription. In her review, she was pleased to report that “charming” new characters had appeared in the series and that it was following “frightening” new paths concerning the topic of war. as it is written:

The Ring of Power is full of knowledge and characters. It may take several views, but it won’t be a waste of time. It is rare when you feel that you are entering another world; the seams of our reality are often present. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this series. Although it may seem heavy, there is an attempt to bring comedy and heart with dwarfs, and the writers and directors have made excellent use of fantasy romance and horror to add layers of texture to the script.

The series takes place in the Second Age of Middle-Earth, thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, allowing creative liberties to go beyond Tolkien’s text. The show is not set in the same universe as Peter Jackson’s films, and it involves a huge cast that CinemaBlend spoke to during Comic-Con in San Diego. Following some early reactions, we’re even more curious to see what the mass production will say as fans will be getting to know the new Lord of the Rings series over the next month and a half.


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