Amazon’s CEO demonstrates trust in the gaming industry


The day before his official appointment as a replacement for Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s new CEO Andy Jassy reaffirmed his commitment to creating games, even acknowledging that the company has not achieved commercial success in the area, but praising the challenges the team faced .

In the statements, made in an email obtained by Bloomberg on Wednesday (3), Jassy expresses his support for Amazon Games Studios boss Mike Frazzini, and acknowledges that “some businesses take off in the first year and others take many years”.

Prospects for the new world of games

Jassy’s vote of confidence is very significant at the moment, not only because of his rise as a new “big boss”, but because an assessment, published by Bloomberg in late January, detailed some flaws in the Amazon game studio, highlighting the Frazzini’s total inexperience in the area before taking office.

The leak of the email also coincides with another significant moment in the gaming world: Google’s announcement to close its internal Stadia game studios. In the case of Amazon, which has already unsuccessfully invested billions in creating its own games, Jassy may have the bitter decision to decree the game over of the studio.

Of course, support for Mike Frazzini can be inspiring, but the moment he sits in Bezzos’s chair, Andy’s perspective will be focused on the results of the next MMO (massive online multiplayer). After many postponements, it seems that the expected New World, which combines medieval and magical elements, will finally come out next spring.


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