Amazon Would Be Working On A Smart Fridge That Suggests Dishes


Amazon would be working on a smart fridge that can scan food from the fridge. The product would use Amazon Go technology, the company’s physical stores that do not have cashiers and process purchases by self-checkout.

The information was released last Tuesday (5) by the Business Insider website. According to vehicle sources, the refrigerator has an internal code name of “Project Pulse”. The appliance will have the help of Artificial Intelligence to track all the products that are stored and compile the owner’s purchasing habits.

By tracking the products, the refrigerator will be able to notify the foods that are running out or if they are approaching their expiration date. Missing products can even be suggested for purchase.

Another possibility worked by Amazon engineers is the recipe suggestion. With the information on which products are being refrigerated, the refrigerator will be able to suggest the preparation of specific dishes taking into account parameters such as the end of shelf life.


Despite designing the smart refrigerator, Amazon is not supposed to manufacture the product. Business Insider says the e-commerce giant is looking for a partner in the home appliance industry to take Project Pulse forward.

If the plan goes ahead, the item should be sold with camera hardware from Amazon and software that is in Amazon Go stores. The Alexa virtual assistant has not been a priority, according to the sources.

Work on the project has been going on for at least 2 years and it is not yet known when the piece will be sold. There is even a possibility that the company will change its plans and give up on the smart refrigerator.

Despite being increasingly entering the home appliance market, having recently even introduced a home robot, Amazon sees the high cost of the appliance (because of all the technology involved) as a possible barrier to selling in bulk.


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