Amazon Wins NSA Contract for $51 Billion and Angers Microsoft


Amazon Web Services (AWS) won a $10 billion contract, about R$51 billion in direct conversion, to provide cloud servers for the National Security Agency (NSA). However, Microsoft has already filed a lawsuit with the Government Accountability Office to try to reverse the decision.

According to Washington Technology, the defeated company alleges that the intelligence agency did not carry out the proper assessment in selecting the provider for the WildandStormy project. An NSA spokesman confirmed the contract and the action in question.

The NSA plans a “hybrid computing initiative” to meet processing and analysis requirements. The agency also intends to keep the intelligence data, although that doesn’t require as much storage space.

While AWS supplies several cloud services to the US government, Microsoft has also become an excellent provider. In 2020, the company shared a CIA contract with five other companies — including Amazon.

In addition, the owner of Windows revealed that she was seeking US government accreditation for the expansion of the Azure Government Top Secret. The goal is “to meet the demand for greater agility in storing confidential items.”

Return to the JEDI project fight

The new legal dispute recalls the fight between Amazon and Microsoft over the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract. After the US Department of Defense chose Azure as its platform, the e-commerce giant asked for a review of the deal.

At the time, Amazon claimed that “unmistakable mistakes and prejudices” affected the hiring choice. That’s because former president Donald Trump, known to have disagreements with former CEO Jeff Bezos, allegedly interfered with the negotiations.

So the Pentagon suspended its $10 billion contract with Microsoft and opted for a broad, multi-vendor solution. So experts believe the WildandStormy project could have a similar fate.


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