Amazon will distribute Covid-19 test kits to the world!


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the World Health Organization (WHO) are working on ways to prevent the spread of the new type of Corona virus. Bezos shared an image of his video conference with the World Health Organization on his Instagram account. In his post, Bezos listed ways to act to help the World Health Organization in Amazon’s Corona virus pandemic. According to Bezos, Amazon provided web support to WHO, helping artificial intelligence technology integrate the pandemic into its mapping. It also helped translate the World Health Organization materials.

Bezos continues support for Corona virus fight
“Our current work with WHO includes: increasing capacity and security for the WHO website, providing ML (machine learning) and AI for WHO’s open sources, helping the translation and transcription of the WHO information catalog, and logistics,” said Jeff Bezos. to provide support. ” Also, although Amazon’s delivery driver fleets are directed for help for WHO, it is not entirely clear what “logistic support” includes.

Jeff Bezos can provide test kits globally
The billionaire businessman hinted at all that Amazon can help deliver test kits.

“We also discussed the need for urgent action to produce and distribute copious COVID-19 test kits,” said Bezos. The excess of fast, effective, easy-to-access test kits will straighten the curve in the chart and protect people around the world. Dr. I told Tedros that we can help for WHO in the coming weeks and months. ” said. This is “Bezos is thinking of doing more for the world?” He asks the question. It is a mystery that Amazon can produce test kits, but it is believed that it will have a say in distribution.

In the UK, Amazon has agreed to run the Covid-19 test in millions of homes. These tests will be used for the public, starting with healthcare professionals. Unlike many other Silicon Valley billionaires, Bezos did not make a public statement about whether he donated any of his personal fortunes to the Corona virus fight. Bezos remains the richest person in the world. The net worth of Billionaire Bezos is $ 120 billion.

Amazon’s latest development of the virus was also a letter to Amazon’s warehouse workers. Expressing his concerns about the steps he took to protect the health of the company in the letter, Bezos said, “My time and thought now completely focuses on Covid-19 and how best to play the role of Amazon.” said.


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