Amazon Web Services Makes Mercado Livre And More Services Unstable


Amazon Web Services: This Wednesday morning (22) was marked by another fall of Amazon Web Services (AWS), an online infrastructure service that serves several digital companies. With the instability, users of platforms such as Mercado Livre, Epic Games Store, Trello and Slack were affected.

According to the tech giant’s status website, problems with Amazon Web Services were detected at 9:35 am. According to the company, a data center in North America suffered from failures, but ended up having consequences in other parts of the world.

“We are continuing to work to resolve the issue and restore power to the affected data center,” says the official Amazon Web Services website. While the solution to the problem was still open at the time of this news, the affected services continued to show failures.

Affected multiples

According to the DownDetector platform, which maps the complaints of web users, several large services suffered from instabilities due to the failure of Amazon Web Services. Mercado Livre was one of the first platforms to present problems because of the “blackout”, according to reports.

Game store Epic Games Store, which has the Fortnite battle royale and is giving away free games daily, has also received a wave of complaints starting at 9:30 am this morning. In the corporate sector, some inconsistencies were felt in Trello and Slack, which both experienced declines because of the problem in Amazon’s data center.

As the glitch occurs behind the scenes of the internet, there is no way for end users to fix the problem. Therefore, restarting the router or the PC will not resolve the inconsistencies in the programs, as the failure is broader.

It is noteworthy that today’s drop is not the first presented by the service this month. Last week, Amazon’s servers also let users down, delaying even the company’s own deliveries.