Amazon Updates Alexa Routines With Sharing and More Functions


Amazon has announced new features for the Alexa Personal Assistant Routines tool. From the new update, which is now available, users can share Routines through links. Furthermore, the option of custom actions was introduced, allowing the addition of new interactions and specific activities in the programmed routine.

Alexa’s Routines tool allows the configuration of a series of wizard functions using shortcuts to facilitate and automate interactions. For example, if every morning the user turns off the alarm, turns on a light, asks Alexa for the price of video cards and checks the calendar, he can create a routine that does all this by saying just the phrase: “Alexa, start mine day”.

Sharing routines

Making this resource easier to use, it is now possible to transform Routines into shareable links. To take advantage of the initiative, simply select the routine you want to send and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen in the Alexa app. Afterwards, you can select to send the link via messengers, Twitter, email or other apps.

To assimilate a routine received, the user needs to click on the link and follow the instructions offered by the application. You can customize the shortcuts to each user’s preferences, with optional fields (highlighted in yellow) for selecting your own smart devices.

custom actions

Amazon also announced that new commands could be added to routines by typing. As an example, you can set a countdown by writing: “Set a timer to ten minutes”. You can also create a routine with motivational phrases and sounds from nature for Pilates or meditation classes.

To insert a custom action, just select the specific routine, choose the “Add Action” option and access the “Custom” menu.


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