Amazon Unveils Its First Smart Home Robot


Amazon Astro introduced. Designed to help you with housework, this smart robot also provides security with its camera.


Amazon introduced the smart home robot called Astro at its 2021 event organized in virtual environment today. Unlike the humanoid robot that Elon Musk showcased at Tesla AI Day in August; Astro is mostly aimed at helping users with their housework. For example, suppose you go out while you have food on the stove, if you doubt whether you have turned off the bottom of the stove, you can have it check it for you with the instruction you send to this smart robot.

Amazon Astro features

  • Processor 2x Qualcomm QCS605, 1x Qualcomm SDA660, Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge processor
  • Battery Lithium-ion battery that can be charged in 45 minutes with the included charger
  • Cameras 5 Megapixel bezel camera
  • Periscope camera with 1080p 132° diagonal viewing angle, extending up to 106 cm from the ground
  • Display 10.1 inch HD touchscreen, 1280×800 resolution
  • Weight Astro: 9.35 kg
  • Charger: 1.75 kg
  • Dimensions Astro: 424 mm x 250 mm x 440 mm
  • Charger: 280mm x 264mm x 127mm
  • Connectivity Dual band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, USB-C, Bluetooth

Controlled via a screen placed on a large wheel, Astro can interact with the user using their eyes. In addition to exhibiting various body movements in line with the voice commands you will give, it can also do fun activities. For example; When you ask Astro to beatbox, he shakes his head and keeps the rhythm.

According to Amazon, the purpose of the development of Astro: mainly to help control the security of your home while you are away. Thanks to an expandable periscope camera mounted on the head, it can monitor what is going on in your home. For example, when an unusual movement occurs, it detects it and sends a warning to the owner of the house.

The robot can navigate between rooms on its own without the need for any human power. Moreover, it can detect an obstacle in its path and bypass them, and brakes when necessary. Working in harmony with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, Astro can set reminders for you and open series and podcasts; It also allows you to remotely control your smart home devices.

You can exempt rooms that you do not want to be entered from Astro
Amazon also addressed potential privacy concerns that may arise in users’ minds during the promotion. If there is an area in your house that you do not want Astro to enter, you make the relevant adjustments and the robot does not control it. In addition, the ‘do not disturb’ mode is among the features of the device. You can also disable cameras and microphones completely.


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