Amazon Unplugged Another Brand


Amazon rules violated. The brand’s products were removed from the platform and its store was closed for violating Amazon rules such as RAVPower, Aukey and Mpow.

New sellers are constantly registering on Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site. But it seems that lately the brand has not been very good with its sellers. Because it was understood that the company, which closed the stores of Aukey and Mpow last month, removed RAVPower’s products from the platform this time.

Amazon rules violated

The main reason why RAVPower’s Amazon store was closed is actually an article in the Wall Street Journal. The events begin when site editor Nicole Nguyen receives a $35 gift coupon with a product she bought on Amazon. Although this coupon may seem like an ordinary gift at first glance, when you look at the transactions he made to get the money, you encounter a tragicomic event.

RAVPower gives you this gift if you make a positive comment about the product. To get the money, you have to send your ID and the link to your review of the product to the brand authorities. In addition to all these events, the fact that the brand already has an active online store is one of the factors supporting the closure. Currently, RAVPower products are not found in Amazon searches and the Amazon page of the brand is also empty.

Aukey and Mpow had the same issue

Last month, Amazon also closed the stores of two Chinese companies Aukey and Mpow. Although there is no clear explanation about the closure of the duo, Amazon stated that both brands were closed for violating the platform’s honesty principle. There is still no official statement from Aukey and Mpow about this situation.

Although Aukey and Mpow have been officially removed from the platform, products produced by both brands are still displayed in Amazon search results. But the situation is worse for RAVPower; because the company’s products have even been removed from search results.

Amazon constantly “fights” with this situation

In fact, RAVPower isn’t the only company to ask for positive fake reviews. Every year, Amazon constantly confirms against fake reviews and comments. Because in 2020 alone, the company managed to stop more than 200 million fake comments before users even saw it.



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