Amazon, the ‘Thief Chaser’ Drone Always Home Cam


Introducing its new product on home security systems, Amazon enables homeowners to drive thieves away from home even when they are not at home with Always Home Cam.

Besides being an e-commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon, which has many consumer electronics products, introduced its new products with the event it held today. The product that attracted the most attention at the event in question was Ring Always Home Cam.

As the name suggests, Always Home Cam, a camera that is always at home, is integrated into an indoor drone that provides a compact, lightweight and autonomous flight support, unlike static security cameras fixed at a single point.

When the homeowner receives an intrusion notification from the home smart alarm system, they can control the Always Home Cam with their smartphone and take a virtual walk around the house and view the potential thief.

Amazon did not share any information about how loud the product is running, but we will be able to learn more about the device when Ring Always Home Cam launches next year and ‘someone’ starts using the next generation smart security system.

Amazon also shared a promotional video for Always Home Cam. The video is about a burglar breaking into the house and triggering the alarm and the landlord making the thief escape by viewing the thief with Always Home Cam.

Ring Always Home Cam promotional video

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