Amazon teaches you how to handle orders in times of Coronavirus


With the new Coronavirus pandemic, there are many uncertainties about how long the active ingredient in COVID-19 remains on certain materials and surfaces – such as cardboard and plastic, for example. And one of the situations in which you may encounter this doubt is when receiving orders from online stores, a very common scenario when social isolation is the most suitable.

And to talk about it, CNN interviewed Amazon’s senior vice president for global corporate affairs, Jay Carney. According to the Inc website, he gave some valuable tips for those who receive packages at the residence, but also stated that the scenario is still full of uncertainties. The company itself has consulted hygiene and health specialists to find out what is really recommended.

That is, the tips are not exactly new, but follow the recommendations of entities such as the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. Still, check the guidelines below.

1. Discard the external package
Amazon’s own package, which contains the company’s logo and perhaps the attached invoice, is what most may have come into contact with the virus – and it survives for up to 24 hours on cardboard. So, open the package and throw away this “shell” that may or may not be infected. Wash your hands well afterwards.

2. Sanitize the packaging
The product packaging hardly had contact with the outside, but the contamination could have happened at the product source or even at the Amazon distribution center, depending on how long the package stayed in these environments. Therefore, the ideal here is to clean the box thoroughly with disinfectant wipes or to pass the so-called “alcohol 70” using a clean cloth or cloth. The product will possibly be infection-free, but you can also sanitize it if you want – and if it is not damaged by the material, of course. At the end of the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly.

3. Alternative method: isolation
Carney also recommends that, if possible, you leave the packaging where you received it. In the United States and other regions, it is common for boxes to be delivered at the entrance to homes, a practice that in Brazil is not exactly followed or recommended. Therefore, the alternative is to leave it in a garage, a yard or any “remote location” for a while.


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