Amazon Showcases The Capabilities Of Augmented Reality Technology İn The Hair Salon


Amazon showed the future of grocery shopping experience with its boxless supermarkets named Amazon Go. The e-commerce giant is now preparing to change hairdressing with its technological power. Amazon, which has opened a hair salon in London, the capital of England, makes it possible for customers to try different hairstyles and colors in advance with its augmented reality technology. The company also uses screens and QR code technology for this.

Augmented reality technology in Amazon’s hair salon application uses a tablet embedded in a mirror. Here, with the help of the front camera of the tablet, it is shown how those sitting in the hairdresser’s chair can carry different hair colors and styles.

The format reminds you of the Live Mode makeup feature that Amazon added to its mobile app in 2019. Thanks to this feature, it was possible for users to try different lipstick colors. Amazon, which does not forget its shopping experience in the hairdresser, makes it possible to purchase hair care products at the hairdresser with the QR codes it places on the screens.

Naturally, Amazon also provides classical hairdressing services in the hairdressing salon where it exhibits its augmented reality technology. Amazon, working with experts from Neville Hair and Beauty Salon in London, is currently conducting a testing process with its own staff. Although the price tariff to be applied after the completion of the trial period of the concept is not known yet, prices at Neville Hair and Beauty Salon range from 50 to 350 pounds.


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