Amazon Ring Announces Intelligent Car Camera and Alarm


Ring, a division of Amazon that works with solutions for connected homes, has expanded its reach to cars. The company today revealed (24) a line of cameras and alarms for vehicles. In addition, the firm announced a partnership with Tesla to integrate the new system into the brand’s vehicles

The new line of Ring comprises the Car Cam camera, the Car Alarm alarm and also the Car Connect system, which will be offered to automakers that already have cameras in their cars. The new devices can be controlled via cell phone and are compatible with Alexa.

The Car Cam comes for $ 199.99 and is Ring’s first camera built to work beyond home. The product can record in and out of the car, has built-in alarms and remotely sends a warning to the user. The device can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and also works with LTE.

Car Alarm, on the other hand, costs US $ 59.99, is simpler than the camera and has only alarm features. The device can detect when someone enters the vehicle without permission and also when someone hits the car. The device’s siren can also be triggered remotely via an app.

The company also introduced Car Connect, which hits the market for $ 199.99 and aims to integrate existing cameras in cars with Ring’s smart system. As many manufacturers already equip their vehicles with cameras, the product offers the possibility of integrating solutions with the app to take advantage of intelligent functions, such as viewing images in real time.

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