Amazon responded after Peter Jackson said the Lord of the Rings series took him by surprise, but there’s more to the story


The world of Middle-earth is closer than ever to television thanks to the Amazon Prime series “Rings of Power”, but its action in the Second Era does not mean that it will become a prequel to Peter Jackson’s trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”. In the Third Epoch. Although characters like Galadriel and Elrond have roles in the series (and they appeared in the last big trailer), they won’t be the same versions as those that appeared in the movies, and the director said he was worried about the opportunity to contribute. to the project. Amazon has a different view of the situation.

What Peter Jackson said about Power Rings

The Lord of the Rings films were epic when they were released in 2001-2003, and became iconic in the next two decades. The Hobbit trilogy proved that Peter Jackson could bring his Middle-Earth magic back to the past for adventures taking place before the Brotherhood came together, so it was only natural for fans to wonder if Amazon’s “Rings of Power” would have a connection to the movies… or Jackson himself. Jackson was recently featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast (opens in a new tab), and after confirming that he will be watching the new show, he shared:

They asked me if I wanted to take part in this beforehand, and I told them, “It’s impossible to answer this question without seeing the script”… They said, “As soon as we get the first couple of scripts, we’ll send them to you for viewing.” And the scripts never appeared. [laughs] That was the last I heard.

Jackson went on to say that he has “no complaints at all” and that “it’s a reason for joy” if someone makes a good TV show or movie, because it’s “quite difficult to make movies.” He also shared that he was looking forward to “actually seeing it as a completely neutral viewer” when he could never get the experience that many others got when it came to watching his Lord of the Rings films. If you listen to Peter Jackson talk about it, he was a ghost, but he wasn’t upset about it.

How Amazon reacted to Peter Jackson’s comments

Amazon wasted no time responding to what Peter Jackson once said, thinking that at least they would send him scripts for the “Ring of Power”. Since there are less than two months left before the premiere of the show (which was rumored back in 2017, before the streamer took on serious commitments), Amazon Studios made a statement to THR:

Pursuing the rights to our show, we were obliged to separate the series from the films. We have great respect for the films of Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings and are very happy that he is looking forward to watching The Rings of Power.

This statement is consistent with reports back in 2018 that Amazon approached Peter Jackson (among others) about the show, but no official announcement was ever made. Amazon’s clarification that they were “obligated” to separate the shows and films is particularly intriguing in light of alleged sources (quoted by THR) that state that the estate of author J.R.R. Tolkien (who died in 1973) was against Jackson’s participation in “Rings of Power.” Amazon paid this estate $250 million for the rights to create the show.

Unsurprisingly, the Tolkien Estate does not want Peter Jackson to participate in the adaptation, in light of comments made about the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films. Christopher Tolkien, the late author’s son, had unflattering comments about how the films “gutted” the source material. As it stands, the upcoming series won’t take place in the same universe as Jackson’s films, but the director is looking forward to a new adaptation of Tolkien’s world, and he’s certainly not the only one.

The premiere of “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” will take place on Friday, September 2, for viewers with an Amazon Prime subscription. If you still need some viewing options for the remaining weeks before returning to Middle-earth, check out our TV premiere schedule for 2022!


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