Amazon Removes One Million Products That Offer Too High Prices Due To Corona Virus


Amazon, the world’s largest retail site, has lifted 1 million products whose prices have been exorbitantly raised due to the corona virus. A statement from Amazon stated that such pricing will not be allowed.

Corona virus started to show itself in different countries of the world after China. Apart from China, Italy is trying to fight the virus by establishing quarantine zones. In Iran, which is one of the countries where the virus has begun to be seen, schools have been on holiday due to an epidemic.

While the country administrations take certain measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the prices of the materials used as a preventive measure in the spread of the virus are tried to be lowered by the sellers to astronomical levels.

Following the rumor of the corona virus outbreak in the U.S., some vendors selling on Amazon have lowered the prices of the materials that will be used for virus protection to astronomical levels.

Protective masks produced by US 3M Co were sold for $ 10 on Amazon recently. The price of the mask went up to $ 128 on Amazon due to the rumor of the corona virus outbreak in the U.S. The comparison site stated that the average price of the mask, which was previously $ 10, was around $ 41.

Amazon had to take precautions because the prices soared. Amazon removed 1 million products from its site, the price of which has risen astronomically. Amazon spokesperson said that the company’s policy of correct product information also covers the prices of the products. “There is no room for prices on Amazon,” said the spokesperson.

Amazon uses manual methods as well as automated methods to ensure justice in the prices of products. In addition to the price changes determined by the artificial intelligence used by the company, the prices are controlled manually.


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