Amazon products are on fire, say consumers


Since 2016, more than 1,500 reviews of Amazon products indicate that the order appears to be dangerous. The company’s AmazonBasics brand – which covers the production of home appliances, gadgets and peripherals from a list of 5,000 products – has delivered devices that start fires, damage other devices or present danger to buyers.

The complaints include microwave devices that sparks and smoke when connected, USB cables that short-circuit and start fires and countless other examples. These products are still cataloged on the retailer’s website and do not appear to have undergone due review after the consumer complaint.

Despite reiterating and establishing policies to ensure the quality of products from partner vendors, the same does not seem to be the case with AmazonBasics products. According to comments reported by CNN Business, consumers describe products with a few days of use as “dangerous”, either because they emit strange sounds, sparks, bad smells or domestic accidents.

Of the 30 items with claims related to accidents, 21 products are still available for purchase. As soon as they were properly exposed by CNN, the company started listing them as “unavailable”, and at least four of them were removed entirely from the store.

The fires

In a curious case in January 2017, firefighters were called to control the fire and help Austin Parra, then 20 years old. As soon as the flames were controlled and the boy was taken to the hospital, the chief of the fire department responsible for the investigation noticed that the fire started from an ordinary office chair and soon spread through the boy’s room.

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According to Parra’s mother, his chair was taken by fire while the boy slept. Interestingly, the fire chief noticed that a USB cable passed from the chair to the cell phone, while the part connected to the smartphone was intact, the other end of the cable was completely damaged and was identified as the focus of the fire. The device was from AmazonBasics.

In another scary example is another AmazonBasics consumer who had purchased a cell phone charger for vehicles. “As soon as I connected to my car, there was a small explosion and sparks flew everywhere and it soon started to catch fire. I never had any problems with things connected to my car, ”describes the buyer.

Most cases include reports from consumers in the United States. The complete list of devices with three or more analyzes that mention flames or other hazards can be found at the end of the original CNN Business article.


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