Amazon Prime Video: The “Soulmates” series is coming!


Fancy a new sci-fi series to chew on? Then you will love “Soulmates”, Amazon Prime Video series … Fancy a romance that changes? Tired of romantic comedies and rose water series? Amazon Prime will therefore delight you with a series of a completely different kind. Sci Fi fans will love this new nugget: “Soulmates”. But what is it?

Amazon Prime Video is going to introduce you to a whole new series. This one will put love in the spotlight, but not the way you’d expect.

“Soulmate” goes off the beaten track with romances in anthology form far removed from the silliness of romantic series. All while flirting with Sci Fi.

Black Mirror enthusiasts will therefore love this new nugget. It’s also reminiscent of the Korean drama Love Alarm, and you’ll quickly see why.

In this series, there is a tech called Soulmates Connect. This allows you to find your ideal partner and these are the stories that the series will tell.

Doesn’t that remind you of anything? Yes, yes, it looks like Amazon Prime Video wanted to freely draw its inspiration from one of the episodes of Black Mirror: Hang the DJ. Notice to amateurs! But then, what is it worth?

Amazon Prime Video: “Soulmates” arrives on the platform!


So let’s start from the beginning: Soulmates, exclusive to Amazon Prime, is an anticipatory anthology series. We discover the sentimental setbacks of several protagonists.

This show, created by William Bridges and Brett Goldstein, celebrates our relationship with love and new techs. A kind of Tinder 2.0 that could very well make your blood run cold.

Indeed, if a device like Soulmates Connect were to see the light of day, we doubt that this would sow discord in our sentimental life. For better or for worse as they say.

The plot therefore takes place 15 years after our era, when technology is at its peak. Forget your iPhones and Samsung Galaxy right away, smartphones are transparent here.

Each episode of this Amazon Prime series will therefore highlight one of these not so rosy idylls! The short story side may leave some unsatisfied.

All reasons are good for finding a soul mate. One of the anthologies tells the story of a young married woman in need of love, who is looking for a new lover …

With Soulmates, you no longer have to swipe on your app to find your other half. It’s your DNA that will determine who is right for you.

A bit like Married at First Sight, so you’ll end up with someone the algorithm chooses for you. So far, everything is fine … or almost.

However, as you can imagine, technologies are not always very reliable. Are you really ready for an app to dictate your feelings for you? Not sure.


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