Amazon Prime Video: the must-see movies


What movies and series to watch in March 2021 on the Amazon Prime Video platform? We give you more details!

Which movies and series are coming to Amazon Prime Video in March 2021?

Every month, the streaming platforms invite us to discover new programs. The catalogs of streaming sites are enriched with new films and series.

After its competitors, Netflix and Disney +, it is therefore the turn of Amazon Prime Video to unveil its program for the month of March. And we might as well say that we are not going to be bored!

As for the series, therefore, Gray’s Anatomy fans will be able to find Meredith Gray and her gang for season 16 of the series. This will be available from March 1 on the platform.

A week later, the Halliwell sisters are back on our small screens. Indeed, the entire Charmed series is coming to Amazon Prime Video.

The animated series for adults, Invincible will also be on view. After The Boys, subscribers will therefore be able to discover the first season from March 26.

On the same day, the Why Women Kill series will also be available on the platform. After Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry invites us to follow the lives of 3 women, from 3 different eras, facing the infidelity of their respective husbands.

Experience a dramatic love story in La Templanza Season 1. And if you’d prefer a little more action, S.W.A.T Season 3 is also hitting the streaming platform!

Amazon Prime Video: the must-see movies and series in March 2021!


For those who prefer movies to series, Amazon Prime Video has also thought of you! Director Terrence Malick will be in the spotlight with 4 films! Just that.

We will therefore find In Wonder, Knight of Cups and The New World from March 1. Finally, Song to song will be available on March 30.

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On March 1 Zac ​​Efron and John Travolta share the screen in the musical Hairspray. On the same day, Sylvester Stalon and Jason Momoa arrive with their big muscles for an action film called Lead in the Head.

Actor Jason Statham will also star this March! It is indeed found in two films which will be available on March 2. Namely: Blitz and Crazy Joe. To see or see again without moderation.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers will also experience the Super 8 movie starting March 3. A science fiction film by J.J Abrams and co-produced with Steven Spielberg.

For a more light and joyful moment of relaxation, we recommend the Very Bad Dads 2 movie which will be available from March 3. Where then you can expect A Prince in New York 2, scheduled for March 5.

Two days later, we find Bryan Cranston in the movie Infiltrator. Ma Loute with Fabrice Luchini will be available on March 13.

The films of the second half of March
On March 15, the film Vanguard with Jackie Chan lands on our small screens. The next day, The Girl on the Train arrives on the platform.

March 23 will be marked by the release of the film Allies with Marion Cottilard and Brad Pitt. So, that the film Welcome to Suburbicon, with Matt Damon!

Subscribers will be able to watch or re-watch The Hobbit Trilogy starting March 23. But fans know that only the second installment is worth it.

On March 24, Michael Keaton arrives with Birdman! A film to watch again without hesitation. It also won the Oscar for best film in 2015!

Finally, March 26 I Want You Me Neither is telling us Nina’s story. The latter realizes a little late that Dylan, her childhood friend, is the man of her life!


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