Amazon Prime Video produced three Brazilian TV shows


Amazon Prime Video announced the production of three new original Brazilian series, which are expected to debut on the platform by the end of 2021. The initiative aims to further increase the development of national productions directly to its catalog.

Among the productions, there is 5X Comédia, an adaptation of the plays of the same name, created initially by playwright Sylvia Gardenberg. Whoever develops the episodes, however, is Monique Gardenberg, Sylvia’s sister, from Dueto Produções.

The cast is full of famous comedians like Katiuscia Canoro, Gregório Duvivier, Rafael Portugal, Thati Lopes and Samantha Schmütz, in addition to actresses Martha Nowill and Roberta Rodrigues. Apparently, it will be an anthological series, in which each episode will have different protagonists and plots.

Dramatic thriller and romantic comedy: discover the other two original Brazilian series from Amazon Prime Video

With six episodes in its 1st season, the Sentença series will have Camila Morgado, Fernando Alves Pinto and Lucinha Lins in the main roles. The plot follows criminal lawyer Heloísa, who fully believes in the power of the law. However, after a conflict, in which justice proves to be quite flawed, it must deal with an astonishing stalemate.

On the other hand, closing the news, there are Desjuntados. In seven 30-minute episodes, screenwriters Dani Valente and Mina Nercessian intend to tell the routine of a couple who are separating, but who need to share the same roof for several financial reasons.

The duo Letícia Lima and Gabriel Godoy will act as protagonists. The cast still has names like Rômulo Arantes Neto, Dani Suzuki, Letícia Isnard, Marcelo Laham and Solange Teixeira.

Let’s wait for more news from each of these series!


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