Amazon Prime Video launches 8 channels, all paid


Similar to other platforms like Netflix or HBO, the Amazon Prime Video VOD service in Spain consists of a huge catalog of movies, series and documentaries. None are closed under an extra payment, at least until last April, when Amazon brought and implemented in its Spanish version a Prime Video USA style rental and sale model.

Of course, there is also still free content of course like the one that is released every month. But if this update boosted the service’s catalog, the new one catapults it even more.

8 channels for Amazon Prime Video

If you have Amazon Prime Video and you enter from the device you usually use -TV, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc-, you will now see a row dedicated to new content called Channels. It is about 8 new channels that are incorporated into the streaming platform, each one with its own content, catalogs and target audience, where you can browse their libraries to see their series and movies offer.

But for those who are rubbing their hands before the avalanche of news, watch out, because it must be clarified that each of these channels is contracted separately from the Prime Video service and its price does not come in the general subscription. That is, you have to pay them separately. Below you have its price and theme:

  • MGM channel: € 3.99 per month and dedicated to the gigantic catalog of films that the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio has shot since its founding in 1924, including a veritable barrage of film classics.
  • TVShorts: € 3.99 per month and dedicated as its name indicates to the world of short film, either in real or animation image
  • Mubi: € 9.99 per month and dedicated to auteur cinema especially and less mainstream films.
  • StarzPlay: € 4.99 per month and dedicated to series above all, including titles such as The Great, Ramy or The Normal People
  • OutTtv: € 4.99 per month and dedicated to a catalog of films, series and documentaries exclusively from the LGBTQ + collective.
  • Noggin by Nicj Jr: € 3.99 per month and dedicated to the little ones with its children’s programming
  • Mezzo: € 2.99 per month and dedicated to music lovers who love Jazz and classical music, with hundreds of concerts and events of both musical genres.
  • Qello Concerts by Stingray: € 4.99 per month and also dedicated to music, although with a larger catalog that includes thousands of concerts by stars such as Alejandro Sanz or Beyoncé.
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