Amazon Prime Video in Android app


It brings a new feature to the Amazon Prime Video application. Users will be able to mix within the episodes of the series.

This change, noticed by the Android Police site, appears in the Prime Video application on Android phones. Thanks to this new feature, when users want to have sound in the environment, they will be able to watch the episodes that they encounter by mixing within the episodes of the series they have watched before. They will not be hesitant about which department to choose.

However, this feature does not allow mixing within all sequence parts. You can only mix between seasonal episodes. It also seems to be only available on the Android app right now. We currently do not know whether the episode shuffle feature will come to the Prime Video iOS app or web version.

Netflix has also been testing a feature in the way of mixing episodes for several years. The company plans to offer this to a large user base very soon.

In its latest financial results teleconference, Netflix announced that the mixing capability will become available globally in the first half of 2021. The shuffle feature will allow Netflix to give you something to watch at the click of a button.


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