Amazon Prime: Top 4 Most Popular Movies Right Now!


And yes, winter is coming and what could be better than watching a good movie under the duvet with a hot chocolate in your hand? Covid demands, the period is even more conducive to this!

Fortunately for us, we can count on the Amazon Prime Video platform! With a huge library of movies and series, there is something for everyone!

If you are short of ideas, we have therefore selected for you the 4 films that you absolutely must watch on Amazon Prime if you haven’t already! Make a note of it in your list of movies to watch!


To start off, here is a great movie to watch on Amazon Prime for comedy and superhero fans: Deadpool: New Hero! The synopsis? Former Special Forces soldier Wade Wilson learns he has an incurable cancer. Desperate, he agrees to undergo a treatment but mutant genes awaken in him… His healing power becomes extraordinary, his body bears the stigmata of the experiments, but Wade becomes Deadpool. The new superhero will then dedicate his existence to the hunt for the one who ruined his life, armed with his sabers and his black humor.

American History X: Hate is one of the best movies around on Amazon Prime Video right now. The synopsis? Two teenagers see their lives turned upside down when their father is shot dead by an African-American drug dealer … To avenge his father, Derek gets involved in the neo-Nazi movement and becomes deeply racist. As his brother watches, he shoots two black teenagers who were trying to steal his car, a double murder that earns him a three-year prison sentence. For Danny, this is the start of the infernal cycle. In turn, the teenager begins to radicalize …

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According to the press, The Godfather: Family First was voted best feature film! The feature film dwells on the USA in 1945 and the customs of the Corleone family! But also and above all on his way of managing his affairs, the close ties between the members of the clan and the succession of the Don.

And finally, according to subscribers, the best film is none other than Forrest Gump: la vida loca! At the heart of the 20th century, Forrest tells us about his life (or his 1,000 lives)! He found himself (unwittingly) entangled in all the major events of his time and here is the gripping tale of his eventful existence.


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